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Lorelei Simmons
United States
Hello! The name's Lorelei, but you can just call me Lor! :D

I draw mostly as a hobby, although I find it very enjoyable. I'm still a very inexperienced artist, so my art might not be much, but I try to improve :'D

I'm heavily in love with the Invader Zim Universe, which is what you'll find here almost exclusively. I've got a huge story thing going on in my head and a lot of characters involved so it might be confusing- hopefully I'll be able to lay it out clearly one day (slowly but surely!)

Also don't ever be afraid to come and talk to me! I'm always open to a new conversation and I will respect and accept you, come as you are. <3

I appreciate any and all comments on my artwork and constructive criticism is heavily appreciated as well! Thanks for stopping by!

Also, I have a separate account where I post all of my own original ideas (non-IZ related stuff)! So, I'd appreciate it if you take a look at my other account. <3 Thanks! :iconever-lor:



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...there should already be a tombstone on dA around here for me. Please leave coffee in my honor instead of flowers. 


*insert long sigh here* Yeeeaaaah, okay, I'm guessing some explaining is in order. Let's begin with the most obvious (and time consuming): work/school. 

Things have been going pretty well college-wise, I'm smoothly sailing along. Grades are good, despite my half-assed essays. What's not fun is all the reading I swear to god I'll need glasses by the end of the semester (I'm literally squinting just typing this). Work, on the other hand is CONSUMING ME ALIVE. I work at a local diner during the week and a bookshop during the weekends and while that may not seem such a heavy load to others, MY LEGS ARE ABOUT TO SNAP. We wear rollerscates at the diner so it's pretty heavy duty for me because not only do I need to focus on carrying a big ol' platter of food, I CAN'T crash either. The bookstore, while less engaging, is more tedious because my boss has a specific way of ordering the books and is constantly rearranging them.  Either way, the pay is good and there's food in the fridge so I shouldn't complain at all, really. The only days I have off are Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I'm pretty busy weekly.

Next up: Health. I've been keeping up with my diet plan and I'm very glad to say I've never felt better! Although I haven't gained much weight at all, I haven't lost any either, so I'm satisfied. I'm still going to the gym in between work and class, though, because I am just a SLUT for muscles and I need my calves to be CHISELED AIGHT. Emotionally I'm doing alright, despite my underlying stress (which is cured by a nice cup of tea). I'm happy and still pretty social with my friends and Elena and I are doing very well. 

Lastly, concerning art. It's not very easy to say, but here's the deal, sort of (as I feel and understand it at the moment). Inspiration has pretty much been dead since my last post. Well, not so much inspiration but willingness to post things has been dead. I still have motivation but I'm not feeling as comfortable with my work as I used to. Nothing sits well with my criteria anymore and while I have been drawing (though admittedly not much, due to time and doubt in myself), I'm not happy with the outcome. I have so much I'd like to do but nothing has been going my way art-wise. I've been a little freaked out and discouraged by this because usually this weird art block hasn't lasted quite this long before. I guess I'm just afraid I'll lose heart in drawing. Still, I won't let this dry spell daunt me too much. Hopefully I survive and get right back on the horse soon and no one will think I'm dead anymore. 

Well, that seems to wrap up my kinda long update for the night, folks! I'm really sorry for not being active or at least letting you guys know sooner, but it just kept slipping my mind. I hope everyone has been doing alright!

Have a great week everyone!

  • Mood: Tired

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